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The Next Beautilicious Celebration
takes place Nov. 4th – 17th!

Welcome to Beautilicious, a Celebration of Your Beauty!

We’re pleased to introduce this magnificent event to Barrie, a first for our area. It is our mission to help promote not just outer beauty and feeling good about the way you look, but more importantly inner beauty. Sometimes it just takes a change of polish, a relaxing facial, a new hair colour, or a few pounds lost to make your insides glow and radiate outwards.

The focus of Beautilicious is to introduce you to the many Beauty services offered in the Barrie area, at prices that allow you to try them all, and ideally be able to treat yourself to something you’ve never tried before. Beautilicious is not only for women, but for men and couples to enjoy.

Our service providers are the top of the line in the Barrie area, ranging from salons to spas, tanning to dentists, and everything in between, all ready to make you look and feel your best.


How it works!

The Celebration takes place November 4th – 17th 2013, during which in that time you can enjoy high quality offers of $25, $50, $75, $100 & $125 on the services you love. These services are provided at discounts of over 40%

Click on a category you are interested in, scroll down to the business and select the + next to their name for more info. You’ll see their offer prices ($25, $50, $75 etc.) and you can click the + next to the price to see the description and value of the offer! Then to take advantage of it, simply contact that business to schedule your appointment! You purchase directly from the provider. It’s that easy!

So go ahead, browse what we have to offer, treat yourself to some “Me” time but most importantly feel beautiful and love yourself first! Society doesn’t dictate what makes you feel beautiful, You do!

Beautilicious is a Celebration of Your Beauty. No one else’s.

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Check out the amazing transformation of one of Anti-Aging Clinic’s Clients Alyssa